FringeNYC Encore Series

All My Children
By Matt Smith; Directed by Bret Fetzer
Comedy, Solo Show
The Huron Club
9/12 at 8PM; 9/14 at 7PM; 9/16 at 5PM; 9/17 at 8PM

By Tess Howsam; Directed by Karyn Joy DeYoung
Drama, Spoken Work/Poetry
SoHo Playhouse
9/8 at 8PM; 9/15 at 3PM; 9/23 at 8PM; 9/29 at 8PM

Canon in D Minor
By Jessica Liadsky; Directed by Rachel Slaven
SoHo Playhouse
9/15 at 8PM; 9/19 at 8PM; 9/27 at 7PM; 9/29 at 5PM; 9/30 at 5PM

Danny Visconti is HILL-BENT: My Night with Hillary Clinton
By Danny Visconti with Adam Wachter; Directed by Connor Gallagher
Solo Show, Musical
Huron Club
9/10 at 8PM; 9/15 at 5PM; 9/27 at 7PM; 9/29 at 3PM; 9/30 at 8PM

5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche
By Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood; Directed by Sarah Gitenstein
Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
SoHo Playhouse
9/12 at 9:30PM; 9/23 at 5PM; 9/25 @ 8PM; 9/27 at 9PM; 9/28 at 9PM; 9/30 @ 8PM

Gay Camp
By Philip Mutz and Susan-Kate Heaney; Directed by Phillip Fazio
The Players Theatre
9/21 at 10PM; 9/22 at 10PM; 9/27 at 10PM; 9/28 at 10PM

Have I Got a Girl for You
By Josh Mesnik; Directed by Sara Sahin
The Players Theatre
9/13 at 10PM; 9/14 at 10PM; 9/15 at 7:30PM; 9/21 at 7:30PM; 9/22 at 7:30PM

By Marina Keegan; Music by Stephen Feigenbaum; Lyrics by Mark Sonnenblick; Directed by Charlie Polinger
SoHo Playhouse
9/7 at 7PM; 9/8 at 5PM; 9/11 at 8PM; 9/14 at 9PM; 9/18 at 8PM; 9/21 at 7PM

Lennon in Denmark
By Vibeke Hastrup & Frede Gulbrandsen; Directed by Frede Gulbrandsen
Drama, Solo Show
Huron Club
9/15 at 3PM; 9/16 at 8PM; 9/18 at 8PM; 9/20 at 7PM

By Tara Grammy and Tom Arthur Davis; Directed by Tom Arthur Davis
Solo Show
Huron Club
9/22 at 8PM; 9/23 at 3PM; 9/25 at 8PM; 9/29 at 5PM; 9/30 at 5PM

Nightfall on Miranga Island
By Justin Moran and Jonathan Roufaeal; Music by Adam and Matt Podd; Directed by Justin Moran; Music Direction by Adam and Matt Podd
Musical, Comedy
The Players Theatre
9/8 at 7:30PM; 9/13 at 7:30PM; 9/15 at 10PM; 9/28 at 7:30PM; 9/29 at 7:30PM

By Chris Phillips; Directed by Brian Zimmer
SoHo Playhouse
9/7 at 9:30PM; 9/9 at 8PM; 9/12 at 8PM; 9/13 at 7PM; 9/16 at 8PM; 9/17 at 8PM

Pulp Shakespeare
By Ben Tallen, Aaron Greer, Brian Watson-Jones &Jordan Monsell; Director by Jordan Monsell
Comedy, Drama
SoHo Playhouse
9/19 at 8PM, 9/20 at 9PM, 9/22 at 3PM, 9/24 at 8PM, and 9/26 at 8PM

Rated M for Mature
By Greg Ayers; Directed by Paul Dobie
Comedy, Drama
SoHo Playhouse
9/10 at 8PM; 9/14 at 7PM; 9/16 at 5PM; 9/20 at 7PM; 9/22 at 5PM

Salamander Stars Over
By Armando Merlo; Directed by Leigh Ann Pedra
Solo Show
Huron Club
9/7 at 7PM; 9/9 at 8PM; 9/13 at 7PM; 9/15 at 8PM; 9/19 at 8PM; 9/28 at 7PM

Standby - The Musical
Book and Lyrics by Alfred Solis; Music by Keith Robinson and Amy Baer; Additional Book and Lyrics by Mark-Eugene Garcia; Directed by Marc Connor Eardley
Musical, Drama
The Players Theatre
9/7 at 7:30PM; 9/14 at 7:30PM; 9/20 at 7:30; 9/27 at 7:30PM; 9/29 at 10PM

Super Sidekick: The Muskcal
By Gregory Crafts; Music and Lyrics by Michael Gordon Shapiro; Directed by Steve Knight; Music Direction by Stephen Bent
Musical, Kids
SoHo Playhouse
9/8 at 1PM; 9/9 at 1PM; 9/15 at 1PM; 9/16 at 1PM; 9/22 at 1PM; 9/23 at 1PM; 9/29 at 1PM; 9/30 at 1PM

This Too Shall Suck
By Matt Graham
Comedy, Solo Show
Huron Club
9/11 at 8PM; 9/21 at 7PM; 9/23 at 8PM; 9/24 at 8PM

The Zebra Shirt of Lonely Children
By Matthew Trumbull; Directed by Matthew Freeman
Solo Show, Comedy
SoHo Playhouse
9/8 at 8PM; 9/16 at 3PM; 9/23 at 5PM; 9/26 at 8PM; 9/29 at 8PM