Philadelphia, Here I Come!
Off Off Broadway, T. Schreiber Studio

Reviewed by Tim Croner

BOTTOM LINE: A serviceable yet emotionally distant revival of Brian Friel’s pensive comedy on leaving home.

If we’re to believe all those old adages, our home is an important place. It’s where the heart is. There’s no place like it. And, perhaps most significantly, it’s where our story begins. So what are we to do when we want to start these stories over, when we crave a fresh beginning and a new lease on life? In Philadelphia, Here I Come!, Brian Friel’s 1964 comedy currently being revived by T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre, the answer is simple: look towards the city of brotherly love....

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(Broadway, Lyceum Theatre)
Review by Lee Kinney

BOTTOM LINE: Dinner parties get bleak fast when race and religion mix with liquor and repression.

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Not Afraid
(Off Off Broadway, UNDER St. Marks )
Review by Sarah Weber

BOTTOM LINE: A play that tackles everything from metal to movie night, but has it bitten off more than it can chew?

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Hereafter Musical
(Off Broadway, The Snapple Theater Center)
Review by Kelsey Balzli

BOTTOM LINE: Hereafter Musical offers a multidimensional view of the afterlife, tackling the topic of death with a refreshing score and talented ensemble.

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The Turn of the Screw
(Off Off Broadway, The Morris-Jumel Mansion, Everyday Inferno Theater Company)
Review by Dave Osmundsen

BOTTOM LINE: A sufficiently chilling, though not quite riveting, adaptation of Henry James’ classic ghost story, presented in the beautiful historic Morris-Jumel mansion.

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Excuse My Dust
(Off Off Broadway, SoHo Playhouse)
Review by Adrienne Urbanski

BOTTOM LINE: This series of vignettes taken from literary legend Dorothy Parker's writing offers comedic and dramatic moments performed with intensity by Jennifer Engstrom.

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On The Town
(Broadway, Lyric Theatre)
Review by Ben Coleman

BOTTOM LINE: Though On The Town brings some splendid choreography and performances, this revival does not dance its way into our our hearts.

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Featured Artist


Busy costume designer Travis Boatright has a lot going on these days. You can see her work in the upcoming musical Royal Fables, presented by Libra Theater Company at the Access Theatre starting October 30th. We learned about her background, her influences, her love of Disney princesses, and her (somewhat incongruous) tendency to work with blood and gore.

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