Strictly Dishonorable
Off Off Broadway, The Flea, Attic Theater Company

Reviewed by Adrienne Urbanski

BOTTOM LINE: This revival of a comedy from 1929 is charming and funny, with bits of social criticism on the era's double standards towards women.

In the 1920s the role of women in society went through many significant changes with gaining the right to vote, and a new counter culture image for young women emerged through the flappers who embraced a new way of life. The play Strictly Dishonorable, which premiered on Broadway in 1929, sought to explore the changing role of women by focusing on a female main character who challenges her impending marriage to a man she doesn’t love...

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The Qualification of Douglas Evans
(Off Broadway, Walkerspace, The Amoralists, play)
Review by Zak Risinger

BOTTOM LINE: A look into the tortured psyche of a struggling playwright as he navigates the creative process and varied women in his life.

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Arousal and The Lover
(Off Off Broadway, The Flea, Virago Theatre Company, one-act plays)
Review by Adrienne Urbanski

BOTTOM LINE: This pair of one-act plays both explore the comedic and emotionally complicated aspects of human sexuality, creating a production that provokes both laughter and thought.

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The Taming of the Shrew
(Off Broadway, Baruch Performing Arts Center, play)
Review by Shani R. Friedman

BOTTOM LINE: A talented and enthusiastic company brings the comedy in Shakespeare’s controversial play but leaves the interpreting of the battle of the sexes up to the audience.

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Tabletop Cabaret: Hedgepig Races
(Off Off Broadway, The Brick, Game Play Festival, The Story Gym, interactive musical)
Review by Amanda LaPergola

BOTTOM LINE: An evening of accessible tabletop RPG fun with a few tunes thrown in for good measure.

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(Off Off Broadway, Teatro Circulo, play)
Review by Sarah Moore

BOTTOM LINE: Nicky Silver’s dark comedy Pterodactyls is given a worthy revival that many will enjoy.

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Get Me a Guy
(Off Off Broadway, UNDER St. Marks, play)
Review by Adrienne Urbanski

BOTTOM LINE: This play consists of comedic vignettes, all of which center on the challenges women face in dating. While the majority of them are hilarious and inventive, some of them fall flat.

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