The Nomad
Off Broadway, The Flea Theater

Reviewed by Jan Rosenberg

BOTTOM LINE: A vibrant musical odyssey chronicling the life of a wandering rebel with a rich score and ensemble.

Who is Isabelle Eberhardt? Ask and you’ll receive a flurry of contradicting answers. Isabelle is a dreamer. A lover. A rebel. A manipulator. A fool. A criminal. One thing is for sure: Isabelle was here for a moment. She made a commotion. And now she’s dead. From beyond the grave, the enigmatic Isabelle (played with endearing fervor by Teri Madonna) chronicles her journey from her experiences as a young girl in Switzerland....

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Playing For Advantage
(Off Off Broadway, Kraine Theatre, Frigid Festival)
Review by Ken Kaissar

BOTTOM LINE: This new play likens love to a tennis match and offers a tutorial on how to destroy a relationship.

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Where I'm From
(Off Off Broadway, UNDER St. Marks, Frigid Festival)
Review by Adrienne Urbanski

BOTTOM LINE: In this stand-up comedy show Mike Lemme finds wry humor in his dysfunctional family and his struggles in New York City, soliciting much laughter from the audience and proving himself to be a comedian of significant talent.

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(Off Off Broadway, Kraine Theater, Frigid Festival)
Review by Shoshana Roberts

BOTTOM LINE: A girl seeks guidance from Houdini in dealing with her father's death.

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Fashions for Men
(Off Broadway, The Mint Theater)
Review by Dave Osmundsen

BOTTOM LINE: Hilarious, heartbreaking, and gorgeously designed, Fashions for Men is a deftly-constructed examination of one man’s relentless kindness in a corrupt world.

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Post Traumatic Super Delightful
(Off Off Broadway, Kraine Theatre, Frigid Festival)
Review by Jack Smart

BOTTOM LINE: Equal parts incisive and hysterical, Antonia Lassar’s one-woman show investigates sexual assault on college campuses using clowning and laughter as a means of healing.

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Pretty Babies
(Off Off Broadway, 13th Street Rep, Elsinore County)
Review by Sarah Weber

BOTTOM LINE: When two out-of-control siblings meet for the first time, their sex-filled lives spiral way past the line.

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Featured Artist

LABA and LABAlive at the 14th Street Y

Elissa Strauss, co-director of LABA, answered some questions about their awesome operation: "a laboratory for Jewish culture in which ancient Jewish texts inspire the creation of the new culture and thought." Read the interview to learn more and check out their upcoming programming at