The Real Thing
Broadway, American Airlines Theatre, Roundabout Theatre Company

Reviewed by Regina Robbins

BOTTOM LINE: It’s Tom Stoppard, which means it’s smart and funny, and you get the added bonus of seeing a movie star who can actually act!

Broadway is quite fond of Tom Stoppard, who enjoys the unique position among living playwrights of being able to write serious, cerebral dramas that nevertheless are promoted as crowd-pleasers. New York particularly loves The Real Thing. Now, thanks to the Roundabout, it’s back again with perhaps its most star-studded cast ever....

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EstroGenius Festival 2014
(Off Off Broadway, Manhattan Theatre Source)
Review by Cindy Pierre

BOTTOM LINE: The EstroGenius Festival succeeds once again in presenting entertaining and thought-provoking short plays that are mostly written and directed by women.

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Shut Up Sit Down & Eat
(Off Broadway, Snapple Theater Center)
Review by Kelsey Balzli

BOTTOM LINE: Shut Up Sit Down & Eat is 90 minutes of back-to-back, Italian hilarity, a “plomedy” so relatable that a non-Italian becomes parte della famiglia.

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(Off Broadway, La MaMa)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: An amazing, immersive start to a hurried and confusing production of Tempest.

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Spacebar: A Broadway Play by Kyle Sugarman
(Off Off Broadway, The Wild Project)
Review by Linda Buchawald

BOTTOM LINE: Will Connolly is convincing, funny, and moving as a 16-year-old trying to get his play produced on Broadway.

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The Brightness of Heaven
(Off Broadway, Cherry Lane Theatre)
Review by Cindy Pierre

BOTTOM LINE: Although cleverly written and beautifully designed, there is too much dramatic spectacle, a few under-developed characters, and no fidelity to one point of view.

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(Off Broadway, 59E59 Theatres)
Review by Dave Osmundsen

BOTTOM LINE: An incredibly directed, acted, and designed production of a heavy-handed and somewhat clichéd script.

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Featured Artist


Busy costume designer Travis Boatright has a lot going on these days. You can see her work in the upcoming musical Royal Fables, presented by Libra Theater Company at the Access Theatre starting October 30th. We learned about her background, her influences, her love of Disney princesses, and her (somewhat incongruous) tendency to work with blood and gore.

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