The Bohemians (Frigid Festival 2010)


Off-Off-Broadway, Play

Runs through 3.7.10 

Kraine Theatre, 85 East 4th Street 


BOTTOM LINE: Newly-minted graduates of NYU's Stella Adler Studio make their first foray into the downtown theatre world.

Every young thespian has this show in them, the one where they tell everyone how superior they are because they do "art." I did it; heck, you probably did too. Father, forgive my trespasses as I forgive others.

The Bohemians has a funny set-up: a slacker academic "discovers" a new play by Aristophanes in his grandfather's house in Greece. To calm the claims of forgery, he presents the play for the Pope. Funny and oddball, right? Unfortunately after a stumbling introductory monologue by the deadbeat bookworm,(I'll assume this was playwright Gabe Miner), this conceit is completely abandoned in favor of a lightly-styled copy of a classical comedy that wants to be a send-up but devolves into a telenovella with a Greek chorus.

(In case the 5 Points box got your interest peaked, the funny line was from the Republican father about the Democratic youth: "i'd rather be a resolute asshole then an ambiguous pussy." There's hope for these kids yet.)

This part I understand; they were reaching. They fell short, but they reached far. Bravo. The part that bugged me is that they fell short not because their ambition was too small, but that their attempt was timid. A boom-box with one "hard-edged" tune in the back of the house? An embarrassed duet of drum and violin that never has any relationship to the text spoken on top of it? These are not worthy of brave young bohemians with elite educations and elevated dreams.

You should probably see a different show in the Frigid Festival, but I'll come back for another Second Best Bed Productions show. I trust there are better things to come.

(The Bohemians plays at the Kraine Theatre, 61 East 4th Street, through March 7, 2010. Performances are 2/27 at 1 pm, 2/28 at 8 pm, 3/2 at 10:30 pm and 3/7 at 4 pm. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased at For more festival information visit