Don Juan, or Wages of Debauchery
Off Off Broadway, Jan Hus Playhouse

Reviewed by Jason Rost

BOTTOM LINE: The puppets dazzle even if some of the comedy fizzles.

In 1984, Czech puppeteer Vit Horejs discovered 69 remarkable marionettes aged 50 to 150 years old at the Jan Hus Church on the Upper East Side. He has since founded the Czechoslovak-American Theatre with fellow Czech transplants, directed 20 string-puppet plays, published numerous translations of Czech puppet plays, produced a documentary on Czech puppetry, and even acted in a Woody Allen film in his spare time. His is a remarkable story of a New York theatre artist...

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Potion: A Play in Three Cocktails
(Off Off Broadway, People Lounge, play)
Review by Brett

BOTTOM LINE: A verse play presented in an ultra specific spoken voice style. Plus a musician and three cocktails included.

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Bill W. and Dr. Bob
(Off Broadway, Soho Playhouse, play)
Review by Jerron

BOTTOM LINE: Two former alcoholics join forces to help people with the same ailment in this touching and engaging worldwide hit.

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Fishing for Wives
(Off Broadway, Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row, Pan Asian Repertory Company, play)
Review by Jack

BOTTOM LINE: A sincere but somewhat blatant comedy set in vintage Hawaii which intermittently explores the complications and implications of immigration.

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A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity and Clean
(Off Broadway, 59E59 Theatres, plays)
Review by Adrienne

BOTTOM LINE: This double serving of Scottish comedy packs plenty of laughs and insight into cultural and class issues across the pond.

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Full Frontal: A Naked Exploration of Sex and Sexuality
(Off Broadway, Jewel Box Theatre, play)
Review by Shoshana

BOTTOM LINE: A conglomerate of talented actors and steamy stories that will turn you on, physically and mentally.

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(Broadway, Winter Garden Theatre, musical)
Review by Greg

BOTTOM LINE: A shining example of the right way to adapt a film into a musical, Rocky hits every mark.

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