Life Sucks.
Off Broadway, Wheelhouse Theatre Company at The Wild Project

Reviewed by Linda Buchwald

BOTTOM LINE: There have been a lot of Uncle Vanyas this theater season, but Life Sucks is a welcome addition.

We've seen our share of Uncle Vanyas this season, from the sublime to the infuriating. Life Sucks, Aaron Posner's modern take, is the latest, and before you say "Vanya fatigue," know that it offers enough differentiation while staying true to the original that it's a welcome addition to the season. We already had a definitive Vanya in Jay O. Saunders, but Jeff Biehl proves that there is always room for more memorable portrayals of the character. ...

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The Way We Get By
(Off Off Broadway, Urban Stages Theater)
Review by Adrienne Urbanski

BOTTOM LINE: This spirited and enthralling revival does justice to LaBute's clever quip-filled script.

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Miracle in Rwanda
(Off Broadway, Theatre Row)
Review by Eleanor J. Bader

BOTTOM LINE: Fervent faith in God and simple luck intersect to save one Rwandan woman from death during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi people.

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(Off Off Broadway, Hamlet Isn't Dead at the Center at West Park)
Review by Dan Rubins

BOTTOM LINE: A well-acted rendition with a breakneck tempo that works both for and against it.

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Diary of One Who Disappeared
(Off Broadway, BAM)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: Fans of Ivo van Hove will be happy to see his lesser-known European work on full display.

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The Cradle Will Rock
(Off Broadway, Classic Stage Company)
Review by Ken Kaissar

BOTTOM LINE: An excellent production of a historically important, if mediocre, play.

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Charlie's Waiting
(Off Off Broadway, Parity Productions at Theaterlab)
Review by Shoshana Roberts

BOTTOM LINE: A stellar cast, crew, and design team brings to life a story about the night before two women are to be married, when an old friend shows up to drag the past out of the shadows.

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