The Medea of Euripides
Off Off Bway, Theater for the New City

Reviewed by Eleanor J. Bader

BOTTOM LINE: An inventive, stylized, and sympathetic take on one woman's desperation and fury, dual emotions that repeatedly collide throughout Euripides' 2400-year-old play.

Filicide, the murder of a child by a parent, is a stunning, horrifying crime, no less so today than when Euripides' Medea was first performed in 431 BCE. Yes, more than 2000 years ago, audiences were stunned to see a drama about a betrayed woman who avenges her disloyal mate by killing their kids. It's a terrible, unimaginable crime, made worse, of course, by sexism...

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Happy Birthday Doug
(Off Broadway, Soho Playhouse)
Review by Dan Dinero

BOTTOM LINE: Both a scathing take-down and sweet celebration of white gay male culture, Happy Birthday Doug is an uproarious gathering of immediately familiar people whom you’ve never met.

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Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
(The New Group at the Signature Center)
Review by Linda Buchwald

BOTTOM LINE: Despite a talented cast and a creative team that includes Duncan Sheik, the musical adaptation of the 1969 movie is a snooze.

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(Off Broadway, The Duke on 42nd Street)
Review by Linda Buchwald

BOTTOM LINE: The cast of the Off Broadway musical Emojiland is [Fire emoji].

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(Off Broadway, BAM's Harvey Theatre)
Review by Dan Dinero

BOTTOM LINE: A sleek, pared-down, contemporary...but no less devastating...Medea.

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The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes
(Under the Radar 2020 at the Public Theater)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: Four disabled performers fight the supertitles that they may not need—but do we?

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Leaving the Blues
(Off Off Broadway, TOSOS at the Flea)
Review by Eleanor J. Bader

BOTTOM LINE: A poignant and entertaining tribute to blues singer Alberta Hunter, tracing on her on-again, off-again career and eventual comeback.

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