Broadbend, Arkansas
Off Bway, Transport Group at the Duke on 42nd

Reviewed by Linda Buchwald

BOTTOM LINE: The main reason to see Broadbend, Arkansas is the two powerhouse performances from Justin Cunningham and Danyel Fulton.

A few minutes into Broadbend, Arkansas, I started to feel déjà vu. That's when I realized I had already seen the first of these two one-act musicals. Though Broadbend, Arkansas is billed as a world premiere, the first act, "Just One Q," was part of Inner Voices in 2016. I found it somewhat forgettable then, but at least now it's been expanded and improved by pairing it with "Ruby"...

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History of Violence
(St. Ann's Warehouse)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: Édouard Louis investigates the roots of violence as told by the clinical, manic direction of Thomas Ostermeier.

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The End of Eddy
(BAM's Next Wave Festival)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: A book report adaptation of Édouard Louis’ autobiographical novel with only hints of its beauty.

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Fires in the Mirror
(Signature Theatre Center)
Review by Eleanor J. Bader

BOTTOM LINE: A riveting revival of a still-relevant 1992 play addresses how misconceptions about race, class, and culture can fester and erupt.

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(The New Group at the Daryl Roth Theatre)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: A disappointing adaption of Cyrano never shows the beauty this play can have.

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(BAM's Next Wave Festival)
Review by Heather Violanti

BOTTOM LINE: Deft performances and startling video design give heart to this exploration of the afterlife of Shakespeare's only son, but a meandering script leaves its soul wandering in limbo.

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Now Serving
(Radiohole at The Collapsable Hole)
Review by Emily Cordes

BOTTOM LINE: A visceral, irreverent deconstruction of dining culture.

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