Molly Marinik

Molly Marinik (Editor)

Molly is a dramaturg and director with a dance background who has worked in the theatre in a whole bunch of ways. She's currently a resident director at The Flea and the literary manager at Barefoot Theatre Company. She has a master's degree in theatre history and criticism from Brooklyn College and additional training from LCT3, The Kennedy Center and Atlantic Theater Company. Molly is passionate about developing audiences for New York theatre and hopes that Theasy functions to empower potential audiences to go out and see shows, thus filling the houses of deserving productions all over town. Thanks for visiting Theasy! (Now go and tell your friends...)

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Joseph Samual Wright

Joseph Samuel Wright 

Joseph Samuel Wright is a playwright, producer, director, and the founding artistic director of Roots and Wings Theatrical ( Joseph’s plays have been produced both off-off Broadway and regionally, and during his collegiate hay-day his LGBT youth advocacy play Ours was performed at colleges across East Tennessee. In addition to Theasy, you may recognize his byline from or his tragically under-updated blog. Special soft spots for environmental theatre, experimental forms, and strong female leads.

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Dan Dinero

Dan Dinero

Dan Dinero has directed off off Broadway for many years, most recently Dan Fingerman's The Austerity of Hope, for which he won Best Director at the Fresh Fruit Festival. He currently teaches theatre at NYU and Yale. Dan has also worked on Broadway, assisting director Jeff Calhoun on the musicals Brooklyn and Deaf West’s Big River. Dan holds a B.A. from Yale University, and a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from NYU-Tisch. 

Adrienne Urbanski

Adrienne Urbanski 

Adrienne’s love for the written word has lead her in many directions including broadcast journalism, print journalism, creative writing, and academia. She currently works as an English instructor and freelance writer, primarily covering literature and theater. She holds BAs in English and journalism from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and an MA in English from Brooklyn College. Her writing has appeared in Bust Magazine, New York Press, The Onion’s AV section, Downtown Express, The Villager, Chelsea Now, The Feminist Review, Elevate Difference, Bitch Magazine, Venus Zine, The Minnesota Women’s Press, Pulse of the Twin Cities and others.

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Zak Risinger

Zak Risinger 

Zak Risinger likes theatre and thinks that it should be easy. Originally from the land where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, he attended the University of Oklahoma and has worked professionally as an actor and dramaturg all across the country. He often likes plays that are a little quirky and make you look at the world a little differently but is also a sucker for the classics.

Tzipora Kaplan

Tzipora Kaplan

Tzipora Kaplan is an indie-theatre so-and-so who spends a lot of time in search of both the perfect handbag and umbrella. What she is currently pleased about: working with the NYIT awards 2009, writing an action-adventure flick starring Daniel Craig and Ed Norton, contributing her opinions on Theasy, and the crazy and brilliant people who sustain both her social life and her hope for a better and brighter future. She continues to soldier on in her pursuit of artistic happiness (the ultimate oxymoron) and sincerely hopes that one day she will have the guts to be irreverent in her bio.

Haytham Elhawary

Haytham Elhawary 

Haytham Elhawary leads a double life: by day he is an uninteresting geeky engineer working in medical robotics; by night he transforms into an incredibly handsome theatre going superhero. He also enjoys improv, literature, and has devised a plan to help you all select the best of the theater scene by writing reviews for Theasy.

Regina Robbins 

Regina is a writer, director, native New Yorker, and game-show champion. She has worked with several NYC-based theatre companies and had her short films screened at venues across the U.S. She has also earned two master's degrees, and won four times on "Jeopardy!" in 2010. Learn more at

Benjamin Coleman 

Ben Coleman is thrilled to be part of the Theasy team. He holds a BFA from Syracuse University and is currently earning his Masters from Brooklyn College. Ben has worked as an agent at Peter Strain & Assoc. and Bret Adams Ltd. Most importantly, Ben REALLY loves theatre!

Jason Rost

Jason Rost

Jason Rost is a recent transplant to New York from his hometown of Chicago where he was a critic, dramaturge, producer and director. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Theatre Directing at Brooklyn College.  He is excited to devour the New York theatre scene and report back through Theasy. Jason can also be seen on his pursuit for the best cup of coffee and best pour of beer in NYC.

Brett Epstein

Brett Epstein studied Theatre and Writing at Providence College and is now a New York based writer. His play I Loved Sam Stone won the SLAM Playwriting Competition and his play Your Mother the Tramp was a top 5 finalist in the Altruistic Theatre Company's BareKnuckle Theatre Fest. Brett is a featured writer for the Actors Project NYC; there, his sketches are consistently seen by industry as actors vie for representation.

Bradley Troll

Bradley is a playwright and critic from New Orleans where he worked as a freelance critic for the Times Picayune. Bradley was the 2009 winner of Kennedy Center’s National Critic’s Institute award and a critic fellow at O’Neill Center. His original plays have been seen in New York and Chicago as well as in New Orleans and throughout the south.

Jordan Swisher

Jordan is a playwright, poet, and actor. He studied Theatre and English at Messiah College in Pennsylvania and is a proud alumnus of The Eugene O’Neill National Theatre Institute. He is a founding member of Original Binding Productions. In addition to writing for the stage, Jordan also writes comics.

Shoshana Roberts

Shoshana B. Roberts is a bubbly and bold actress with a black belt. She has a B.A. in Theatre, with a concentration in Acting, from Kutztown University and moved to New York immediately after graduating. Before college she attended Pittsburgh's Creative and Performing Arts High School, but it was even earlier, at the age of 8, that she truly solidified her career path since she got to say ‘meow’ as her only line as a cat in the kids' musical Really Rosie. As a result, she has done everything from stage managing to acting since then, and now she is so excited about her new venture of being a critic for Theasy.

Jane Sato

Jane Sato hails from foggy San Francisco. Currently, she dances with Rioult Dance NY and has danced professionally with the Met Opera, Buglisi Dance Theater, Battery Dance and Motley Dance. She went to The Juilliard School for Dance. She wants to share her enthusiasm for live performance in this digital age.

Angel Lam

Angel is a music composer, writer and performer who has been a commissioned composer for Carnegie Hall, and has written for Yo-Yo Ma. Her most recent ventures include writing a musical, and performing in her own one-woman show.  In her free time she likes to bike the island to catch the latest cool shows or sip an Irish coffee in West Village.

Jerron Herman

Jerron is a writer-dancer from California come to New York to make his fortune on Broadway. As a writer Jerron has produced with the WVMTF and premiered his one man show .Edu & Me this past spring. He’s performed around the tri-state area including Lincoln Center. B.A. from The King's College.

Greg Solomon

Greg is a hardcore board-gamer, completely obsessed with horror films and does a fierce if frequently off-key karaoke. He pursues a career in advertising technology. Oh yeah, and he majored in theatre with a concentration in direction and likes writing about it.

Sarah Moore

Sarah is a recent graduate of New York University, where she received her BA degree in Journalism and Dramatic Literature. She is also a former editorial staff member of Sarah saw West Side Story when she was 5 and she was hooked. 

Geri Silver

Geri recently moved to the NYC area after completing a master’s degree in Media and Communications at City University London.  While in London, she covered the London theatre scene for, and is now thrilled to join the Theasy team. Geri currently works full-time as an assistant in a Broadway producer’s office.

Jack Smart

Jack Smart recently graduated from Vassar College, where he studied English, art, dramaturgy, and far too much Shakespeare. Originally from Honolulu, Hawai’i, he now pursues a career as a freelance theater critic in the decidedly non-tropical streets of New York. By day Jack works in marketing for an Off Broadway theater company, and by night he fervently updates his blog:  

Amanda LaPergola

Amanda LaPergola

Amanda LaPergola is a writer and actor of sorts.  She spends a lot of her time at The Brick in Williamsburg, either helping out at the box office or onstage in shows such as Ian W. Hill's The Strategist, and Robert Honeywell'sMass and Ich Leibe Jesus!  She is also a contributing writer for geek girl culture website The Mary Sue.  Follow her on Twitter @LaPergs and be delighted by her drunken awards show coverage.

Amanda LaPergola

Andy Buck

Andy Buck has been an editor and/or writer for such publications as Playbill, Stagebill, InTheater, TheaterMania, and TDF Stages. He is currently working as a dramaturg for Lynn M. Thomson’s theater company America-in-Play and co-curates a series of staged readings at Brooklyn College with director Mary Beth Easley and playwrights Mac Wellman and Erin Courtney. 

Zahra Sadjadi

Zahra is half-Iranian, half-German, and mostly introvert. She prefers a life off the grid. However, Theasy is a really fun and interesting website, so Zahra came back on the grid to write for a bit. Her particular interests lean towards dance, experimental performance, film, and video.