Liza at the Palace

Broadway, Musical

Theatre: Palace Theatre

BOTTOM LINE: Even if you’re not a fan of her music, go to see a living legend at the top of her game.

So, I’ll admit that I really had no interest in seeing Liza Minelli’s latest concert at the Palace Theatre. I figured it was one of those things that I should see, but wasn’t really motivated to get there. I loved her hysterical turn as a vertigo stricken socialite on the brilliant tv show Arrested Development, but I kind of figured she wouldn’t be falling down and coming on to anyone during her concert so I wasn’t really that pumped about it. I generally don’t enjoy going to a concert unless I really love the artist’s music, and I’m not Liza’s biggest fan when it comes to her singing. I think she is a great performer, but did I really want to listen to her sing for two hours? The answer: hell yeah. I was so pleasantly surprised. Ms. Minelli delivers a wallop of star power in her solo show. She sings non-stop for over two hours and is utterly compelling to watch.

You forget that Liza comes from an era when people where raised and bred to be stars. The anecdotes from her life are extremely touching and she leaves you wanting more at every turn. She is a consummate professional who had the entire audience eating out of the palm of her hand from the moment the red curtain lifted. She brings a depth to her renditions of “Maybe this Time,” “And the World Goes Round,” “Cabaret,” and many others that are far better than anything that is happening on Broadway at the moment.

It is rare that you get to see a living legend that truly lives up to her reputation. Her voice is still top notch, and while you might not be able to fully understand about 10% of what she is saying, it doesn't matter. Liza's at the Palace is a truly wonderful theatrical experience that should not be missed. Even if you are not a fan of her music, you will enjoy yourself. Her performance level is something that is really unmatched in the entertainment industry today. She lives to please and entertain an audience, and Liza does just that–she entertains. Go see it before it's too late.

(Liza at the Palace plays at The Palace Theatre, Broadway at 47th Street, through January 4th. Click here for the entire performance schedule. Tickets are $55-$125 with $250 premium seats available. Visit for more show info.)